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CS Spring of Youth CS Spring of Youth CS Spring of Youth CS Spring of Youth

Drink the right kind of water.

The pH level of a healthy body is 7.3 – 7.4, meaning that the body is slightly alkaline in nature. To maintain this pH level, we need to consume 20% of acidic food (meat, seafood, canned food, coffee, alcohol and carbonated beverages) and 80% of alkaline food (fruits and vegetables). However, most people consume more acidic food than alkaline food which causes the body to be acidic. As a result, an acidic body causes many chronic diseases such as heart attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and more. In order for us to maintain a healthy body while continue eating delicious but acidic food, it is crucial that we constantly supply our body with alkaline water to neutralize the acids in our body.
CS Spring of Youth not only produces safe and drinkable alkaline water that maintains our body’s natural pH balance, its water also slows the aging process of cells by eliminating free radicals and strengthening oxidation resistance. This effect is much like the legendary spring that can restore the youth of anyone who drinks from it.

How CS Spring of Youth water is made

(Energy pottery beads, Coral calcium, Nano-silver activated carbon) - (Filtered energized water) – (Alkaline conditioning step) – (CS Spring of Youth water)

Step 1: Unfiltered pipe water flows through 6 filters that is made of varying amounts of energy pottery beads, coral calcium and nano-silver activated carbon to produce energized water.

Step 2: Energized water is cleansed of sludge, heavy metals, bacteria, rust and harmful chemicals.

Step 3: The filtered energized water goes through a process called “Alkaline Conditioning Step” to gain alkaline properties and finally becomes CS Spring of Youth water.

Filter 1: Ensures 99.999% of residues and bacteria are filtered off so that no boiling is necessary. Removes more than 95% of hydrogen sulfide.

Filter 2: Removes chlorine, rust, taste and odor, as well as provides anti-bacteria effects.

Filter 3: Mineralizes and energizes water. The energy produced is most compatible with human body energy. Boosts higher levels of stable water molecules.

Filter 4: Energizes water and breaks down water molecule clusters. Produces alkaline water. Contains antioxidants and can increase cell activity.

Filter 5:  Energizes water and breaks down water molecule clusters. Produces alkaline water. Contains antioxidants and can increase cell activity.

Filter 6: Maintains and stabilizes water alkalinity, energy and water molecules.

How CS SOY is used

CS Spring of Youth does not require any electricity. It requires only normal tap water.
  • Left Tap (High alkaline water, pH 10-11): Use to remove pesticides and preserve freshness of food. Consume when sick or uncomfortable. Every time you use 2 liters of high alkaline water, let the left tap rest for 1 hour to replenish high alkaline water.
  • Right Tap (Normal alkaline water, pH 8-9): Use for regular consumption or cooking. The right tap can be used indefinitely.
CS SOY maintenance: Contact us once every year to change CS SOY filters and test water quality.

Benefits of drinking CS SOY water

  1. Relieves sore throat.
  2. Relieves mouth sores.
  3. Relieves hangover.
  4. Relieves gout.
  5. Relieves constipation.
  6. Removes pesticides, antibiotics, poison and growth hormones from food.
  7. Disinfects wounds and sooths skin inflammation.
  8. Lowers high blood pressure.
  9. Lowers high cholesterol.
  10. Neutralizes excess body acid and inhibits cancer cells.
  11. Eliminates free radicals and strengthens oxidation resistance.
  12. Promotes water retention and strengthens immunity system.

SGS Certified

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. They are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. Their services include a range of on-site sampling and analysis services for water quality assurance.
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