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Sleep to live!

Sweating is one of the most important functions of our body. Healthy sweating excretes impurities from the body, enhances metabolism, burns excess fat and promotes blood circulation. Sweating is one of the most original and natural ways our body maintains its own health. However, while people can find many ways to sweat, those methods are not necessarily effective sweating. For example, the most commonly used method to sweat is exercising. Exercising helps sweat out water, fat and urea, but not impurities. In order for our bodies to sweat out impurities and heavy metals, an average man would need to run 30 km every day!

Why go through all that trouble when all you have to do is sleep an hour every day?

CS Sauna uses far infrared to promote healthy and effective sweating. Unlike conventional heating mattresses that only deliver far infrared rays, CS Sauna is made out of 8 different kinds of minerals that when heated, release far infrared andnano-minerals that has various nourishing benefits for our body.

Natural Jade: Enhances blood circulation.Helps in detoxification.Relaxes body and mind.Relieves eye, kidney, cystic diseases and herpes.

Red Crystals: Enhance blood circulation.Promote skin beauty and whitening.Natural protector for women against diseases.

Purple Crystals: Enhance cognitive ability.Effective against brain lesions, headache, migraine, and aging.

Germanium: Enhances blood circulation.Balances acid and alkali levels.Prevent cell aging.Anti-cancer.Eliminates tumor and has purification effects.

Eastern Loess Stone: Enhances blood circulation.Excretes toxins and purifies air.

White Ceramic Stone: Promotes skin whitening due to amino acid contents.

Tourmaline: Strengthens immunity system.Enhances blood circulation.Increases oxygen content in body.Reduces edema.Ease pain and stress.Enhances vitality.

Carbon: Dehumidifies and decontaminates surroundings.Act as a natural deodorant.Purifies air and has sleep-modulatory effects by warming the body.

How CS Sauna is used

  1. Before use, put on a CS Sauna outer case and pillow case over the CS Sauna Heating Pad, and a blanket and towel over the CS Sauna Mattress. This ensures that the sweat and toxins flushed from your body during sauna will not contaminate the equipment.

  2. Adjust the time and temperature on the controller. 1 hour for sauna (High temperature for maximum sweating, no air-con or fan usage). 8 hour for sleeping (Low temperature for warmth and blood circulation, air-con and fan usage allowed). Do not leave any electronics on any CS Sauna while it is on.

  3. CS Sauna will heat up and release far infrared as well asnano-minerals that nourishes the body and promote natural sweating. This sweat contains urine, fat, water, toxins, heavy metals and impurities.

  4. Turn off the power after use. Remove the CS Sauna outer case, pillow case, towel, blankets and any clothes you are wearing that have been drenched in sweat. Do not expose your body to these clothes as you may reabsorb the sweat while your skin pores are still open. Do not also immediately expose yourself to air-con, fan or take a bath while your body is still hot.

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