CS Enzyme

Re-activate your life!

Humans are made out of different types of cells that perform numerous functions. For our cells to work, they require adequate and matching enzymes that serve as a catalyst to activate their functions. Without enzymes, we are unable to properly digest the food we eat into nutrition that we can absorb and our cells would also be unable to perform life-preserving chemical reactions in the body.

Unfortunately, due the lack of proper nutrition in our meals, most of us do not have adequate enzymes in our body. Therefore, to ensure smooth body functions, we need to supplement ourselves with enzymes. CS Enzyme are made from fermenting high-quality fruits, herbs and vegetables at different conditions to create several phyto-enzyme drinks, each specializing in different areas of the body.

Ginger Lemon Garlic (Blood Enhancer)

Probiotic Enzyme Powder (Intestine Protector)

Enzyme Fiber (Digestion Enhancer)

Radish Phyto Enzymes Drink (Detoxifier)

Mixed Phyto Enzymes Spray (Hormone Activator & Balancer)

Miracle Catalytic Flowers Phyto Enzymes (Skin Nourish)

Collagen Phyto Enzymes Drink (Collagen Provider)


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